What if I only want to use one QuotaGuard Static IP Address?

Yes, you can use only one of the Static IP addresses that we provide for your QuotaGuard connection.

We know there are a few customer cases that require one and only one IP address so we make that simple for you to do by following the below directions. 

Positive and Negatives of this Approach

Keep in mind, all our normal dual-IP proxies are located behind a load balancer, therefore connections appear to come from different IPs to outside services. If you connect to only one of these two IP addresses, you will lose this load balancing and failover functionality, but you will gain the single IP address visibility. 

If you do decide that one IP address is worth the loss of the load balancing and failover benefits, the simple solution is to connect to the proxy directly, as this will bypass load balancer. 

The other IP that you are not using will still be available at any time, if you want to change it for any reason. We do not remove it from your account.

Setting Up Single IP Address Connections

To connect directly, just choose one of the static IPs from your dashboard instead of the DNS name of the proxy and connect to it directly by doing the following on steps: 

1) Change your QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL or QUOTAGUARSHIELD_URL environment variable to point to one of the two IPs following this format:







2) Test and verify that you’re using only one IP Address, which can be either of the two IPs we provide for you in your account. The IP’s behind “-a/-b” will not change, so whichever one you choose will stay constant.

If you have issues, reach out at Support so we can help get it set up exactly how you want.