What Happens to My Static IP’s and Configuration Settings When I Change Plans?

The short answer is “No”.

Your billing and subscription plans are completely decoupled from the static IP proxy system.

Therefore, if you are considering changing plans (upgrade or downgrade), nothing happens to your IP addresses or configuration settings.

Use Cases Where Your QuotaGuard Static IP Address Could Change

There are rare cases where customers want their IP addresses to change. For completeness, we’ll list those below.

  1. Upgrade to Enterprise Plan (or Above) When you move to a Enterprise plan or higher - and request dedicated IP’s (vs. the shared proxies) - your dedicated IP’s will be different than the shared IP’s on the shared proxies.

    This is the same case if you downgrade below Enterprise and we are required to reverse that process. 

    Note: You do not need to move to dedicated if you’re on Enterprise or higher either, it’s only if you want to do it, it’s an option.

    You can read more about what happens when you request a dedicated change here: https://blog.quotaguard.com/what-happens-when-i-switch-from-shared-to-dedicated-proxy/

  2. Switch from Static to Shield (and vice versa).  QG Static and QG Shield are hosted on completely different proxies and, therefore, they have different IP’s. 

  3. You Ask Us to Change Them (dev/staging maybe should be differentthan prod, etc).

That’s it! 

Those are the only ways your IP’s would change - and they are all at the discretion of the user. 

If you have more questions or what help getting a dedicated proxy set up, email us at Support any time.