Soft Limit Policy - What Happens If We Exceed our Request Limit for the Month?

Many times we get the question, “What happens when you go over our monthly limit?”

It’s pretty simple, we have a soft limit policy that does NOT cut customers off if they go over their limits. We ask customers to upgrade or chat with us to help diagnose why the account was higher than expected.

We know sometimes it’s hard to know how many requests you’ll have when you're setting up, debugging, and getting our two systems integrated. Many times demand is driven by website visitors, and a positive increase in website visitors can cause an unexpected increase in requests. Additionally, bugs pop up sometimes that cause unexpected spikes in usage too.

So we practice a soft limit policy where we send emails to your administrator at 90% and 100% of usage and request you upgrade and/or get in touch with us at Support and let us know what’s going on. Many times we can help debug why the spike occurred, or arrange to go over for one month until usage returns to normal.

Basically, our goal is to allow customers the flexibility to experiment, grow, and work on their business without us pausing their service for an unforeseen issue. We just ask that, if that happens, we get in touch and work out the best way to go forward.

Please note that repeated months of going over the limit, not responding to our requests to upgrade, and any other blatant abuse of this policy is not tolerated and may result in pausing of your account until the appropriate upgrades take place. To avoid this situation, we encourage you to always reach out to us and help us understand your particular situation so we can work out an appropriate plan.

Hopefully that clears everything up, but if you have any more questions about our Soft Limit policy, please contact us at Support.