How to Upgrade, Downgrade, and Cancel on AWS

Note on AWS Plan Changes

AWS Marketplace makes it pretty easy to change plans or cancel your QuotaGuard plan contract. However, the AWS contract system enforces upgrade choices immediately and downgrade/cancel changes after the end of your current plan.

This can be frustrating for businesses like ours, where customers might change plans every month due to changing business conditions. To try and help, we only sell QG on AWS as monthly plans so you are never locked into a long term plan that you later need to change in the near term.

It’s the best we can do to work with AWS' contracting system. That said, there is nothing we can do to refund current plans if you choose to cancel or downgrade.

How to Upgrade your QuotaGuard AWS Plan

  1. Sign into the AWS Marketplace.
  2. Click on Manage Subscriptions (or Manage Your Software Subscriptions)

  3. Click Manage under the correct software subscription (either QuotaGuard Static IP’s or QuotaGuard Shield Static IP’s)

  4. Click View or Modify

  5. The next screen will show you your current contract, please select the radio button for the new plan. In this case, we are selecting the “Micro” plan.

  6. On the right side, AWS will show you the prorated amount for the new contract. To complete the process, click Modify Current Contract. In this example, changing from the Spike plan to the Micro plan results in a new contract price of $12.51.

How to Downgrade or Cancel your QuotaGuard AWS Plan

  1. Do steps 1 - 4 from above.
  2. Click on Modify Renewal Terms.

  3. If you need to cancel, select the “Yes, I want to cancel my automatic renewal and I am aware of the terms and conditions” check box. Click Cancel Renewal, confirm, and the contract will be canceled at the end of your contract.

  4. If you need to downgrade, select the appropriate downgraded plan for the next contract renewal.  Note: 1 month contract terms is the only choice to avoid locking into AWS’s long term plans. That does not mean your plan will stop after one month, it means you will change the next months terms and stay on that plan until you cancel.

  5. Click on Modify Renewal and you are all done. 

That’s it! If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to write to us at any time.