Static IP for IBM Cloud Integration - QuotaGuard Static

Jan 2019 Update - IBM Bluemix is no longer a live platform and we transferred all Statica customers to our direct service at Please sign up at that link to receive the same service.

QuotaGuard is also available on the new IBM Cloud at QuotaGuard Static IP's.

The below instructions will be left here for posterity and a remembrance for What Might Have Been for IBM’s Cloud initiatives.

QuotaGuard Static is available on the IBM Bluemix Catalog. Binding the add-on will provide you with access to our HTTP and SOCKS proxies with your connection string automatically populated in the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

Getting Started

For examples on how to integrate QuotaGuard Static with your application check out our Quick Start Guides. Before you head off there be aware of the one major Bluemix difference to our standard documentation, working with VCAP_SERVICES.

Working with VCAP_SERVICES

Learn how to extract your QuotaGuard static credentials by following our VCAP_SERVICES guide.

With the credentials you can then follow one of our quick start guides to get up and running.